Flora Mac Donald

I was born in London and raised in the Middle East.

I spent my summers in the Irish countryside and remote Outer Hebrides.

It gave me a love of nature, new places, people and travelling.

I did my degree in Psychology and Business Studies.

The most interesting part for me was looking at the impact work has on us all. I wanted to help people get more meaning from their work.

My career in Occupational Psychology started in Employee research. It was a great first job that exposed me to lots of different industries, clients and colleagues from many different cultures. I made some life long friends.

I got disillusioned with just looking at numbers and wanted to work more closely with people.  I began working with groups and individuals who were going through change, who wanted support managing their careers. I trained in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and worked part-time in a GP practice. I worked as a Talent Management consultant and trained as an executive coach.

I now work independently as a coach, trainer and consultant.

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